The AntiUniversity


Here is a clip by the BBC regarding the AntiUniversity of London.

Here is a link to a website with material about Alexander Trocchi and Project Sigma.

Students are called upon to imagine how the Free University of Radnorshire will operate once it takes over the Llandrindod Campus on 29th September 2013.


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End of Powys 101


In this coming week, postcards of the flag of the RLF will be distributed.

Students, upon coming across one of the cards, should reproduce them, by whatever means, and then pass their reproduction on in such a way as to cause maximum alienation to Powys County Council and their lickspittle apologists.

Assessment is by results.

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The philosophers have only interpreted the world; the point is to change it.


We are proud to announce our first course – ‘Detournement, Plagiarism, Subversion, and the End of Powys.’

In a series of events staged throughout Radnorshire between the June 11 ‘First Communique of the RLF’ and the September 29th deadline for Powys County Council to vacate the illegally occupied Llandrindod Wells campus of F.U.R., students will be able to investigate the practise of post-Situationist political and ‘artistic’ interventions.

Students enrol by means of coming to the events, times dates and locations of which which will be posted here.

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